Specifically for Established Coaches, Online Marketers & Thought Leaders

The High-Leverage Coach™ is an Elite Program Designed to Help Seasoned Coaches Streamline Their Marketing & Systems While Adding $50k or More to Their Recurring Revenues

12 Full Months of Training & Support with Expert Coach Marcia Bench & Team

The High-Leverage Coach™ is Based on the Strategies I Used to Create...

Three Multi-6-Figure Coaching & Consulting Businesses

Marcia Bench, JD., CBC

lev·er·age (ˈlev(ə)rij')

"to use (something) to maximum advantage"

Think about your time, your coaching skills, and the way you promote your services.

Are you truly using any of them to "maximum advantage"?

Most coaches aren't.

And whether you are at $10k months, $15k months, or $50k months now - you may be feeling stuck.

What worked 3 months ago or a year ago doesn't work as well now.

Your software and systems no longer fit where you are going.

And it's harder than ever to enroll as many of the exact type of clients you want to work with now.

Can you relate?

I Ran Into These Obstacles EVERY Time I Was Ready to Quantum Leap...

I tried to fix it by...

--Shortening my coaching sessions so my calendar had some white space - but people kept coming

--Changing email providers or content hosts - or commissioning a new website

--Running ads, then not running ads

--Posting multiple times a day on every social media platform

--Raising my prices so I could earn more - but got price resistance

--Teaching courses to share the info my clients needed - but then they didn't implement

Bottom line: The Coaching Business Model as many of us learned it is broken.

And with recent post-Pandemic changes in the marketplace and our customers, we must adapt and shift strategies - or die.

I Knew the Coaching Model Was Broken...So I Set Out To Find a New Model That Would Work.

I wanted to learn how to work smarter, not harder...

so I could have the impact I new I came to the planet to make.

I asked myself some powerful (but scary at the time!) questions:

  • What if instead of working with clients one at a time, we coached them in interactive groups that met once weekly (saving the coach time and enhancing the clients’ benefit)?

  • What if we offered automation of the hardest parts of business building - so our clients didn't get stuck just when they were ready to grow?

  • What if we turned the coaching we do into a memorable and powerful series of steps, instead of reinventing the wheel every time we worked with a client?

  • And what if we could provide not just an example and model of what works – but actually put the entire system, All In One Place, in their hands?

So I got to work!

I Radically Changed How We Did Things...

  • I commissioned a software team to help me design an all-in-one solution that would keep our clients' marketing working 24/7, significantly streamlined from their current hodge-podge of systems, eliminating a ton of headaches

  • I stopped offering 1:1 services, and only offered coaching in high-value groups that were committed to getting a specific result over the long term

  • I turned our vague "Coaching" services into easy-to-understand, recurring-revenue programs with clear packages and set price points

  • I automated the repetitive tasks in our business such as the email and social post sequences leading into our webinars and challenges, the reminders during these conversion events, and the follow-up invitations to buy

  • And I designed a unique mentorship approach that combined strategy training, live consulting, on-demand learning modules, AI and software that is one-of-a-kind in our space

What Happened?

The Results Speak for Themselves...

  • I was able to sell my coach training business - in an industry where most businesses do not have sufficiently repeatable processes to sell

  • My required face-time with clients was immediately cut by over 80 percent - so I have much more time for other things I love - and clients continued to get outstanding results!

  • We generated nearly $1 million during the Pandemic selling group coaching services

  • Clients supported each other when they needed it - and celebrated each others' success, increasing clients' value

  • We proved with several brands of our own, as well as with client brands, that productizing coaching services worked much better than individual coaching, coaching by itself, or course sales

  • My clients as well as I am able to generate a month's worth of content in just a couple of hours, pre-stage it, and focus on the higher level tasks in their businesses

  • We have become known for certain branded systems over the years - and I know that the High-Leverage Coach™ will be next

Granted, Up to This Point, Much of the Process was Trial and Error...

But Now, You Get a Shortcut!

I Used My Proven Strategies And Frameworks To Build
A Complete Marketing Services System All in One Place -
So You Can Have Massive Head Start.

Selling coaching services in today's increasingly crowded marketplace can be a challenge, to say the least - IF you don't have all of the key ingredients for success.

It takes TWO primary ingredients for success: Scalable Service Delivery + AI-Powered Automations.

And that leads to success for you in terms of revenue and client enrollment (as well as a life you love!) - but also for your clients, meaning a high percentage of them actually reaching their desired outcome.

By structuring your services correctly and leveraging tech properly you'll experience incredible benefits:

  • ​Your services become easier to sell

  • ​Your business becomes easier to run

  • ​You have much more flexibility with your time

  • ​Your business becomes more profitable

  • And your business can actually be sold!

The High-Leverage Coach™ Is A Complete Strategy For Success in Selling + Delivering Coaching Services Using Your Marketing Dashboard as the Hub of Your Business

The High-Leverage Coach System

Here's What's Included:

High-Leverage Coach™ Training

To succeed in today's market, you must create Scalable Service Delivery - that meets not only your own goals but the almost-instant response expectation of today's buyers.

As you watch the training calls (some live, some recorded), you are guided step by step through building your High-Leverage Coaching Business.

You will get 16 in-depth training modules on the 4 C's including:

  • Creating the right program for your ideal clients (one that is specific enough for today's more discerning buyers)

  • Connecting with your ideal clients on autopilot - where THEY are already gathering

  • Cultivating your relationship with them using SMS, email marketing, social media, content marketing and more

  • Converting them into paying clients with our Conversations to Clients Method - authentically and without feeling sales-y or unnatural

Each of these in turn requires two types of leverage which, when combined, lead to a fast-growing business that eventually runs without you.

Value: $12,000

Your Marketing Dashboard

You also need automations to thrive and create true freedom in your business. In The High-Leverage Coach, you get full access to our marketing software for coaches that includes, among other things:

  • email marketing software

  • pipelines to track your leads

  • unlimited calendars

  • unlimited courses

  • 2-way text messaging

  • chatbot

  • unlimited websites and landing pages

  • review generation

  • funnels

  • invoicing & proposals

  • centralized conversation hub

  • payments including tap-to-pay

  • and more!

Value: $36,000

And to make it even easier, we include customizable, internally developed and imported into your account "snapshots" - with all the emails, social posts, automations and landing pages you need - for:

  • webinars

  • lead magnets and follow-up

  • 5- or 9-day challenges

Value: $10,000

Mentoring & Support

Throughout the 12 months, you will have support from all directions in mastering the High-Leverage Coach™ model.

Specifically, you will have access to:

  • A second call each week for mentoring & guidance on whatever you are working on at that time

  • Feedback and copy critique as well as brainstorming in our private clients-only community Monday through Friday

  • 24/7 Tech Support and Tutorials to help you feel 100% comfortable with Your Marketing Dashboard and how to apply it in your business

Value: $12,000

Live 2-Day Clients Only Retreat

Midway through the program (spring 2024), we will gather for a clients-only 2-day retreat where your quantum leap is nearly guaranteed.

We will meet in a beautiful location, enjoy cutting-edge training, fabulous networking and special experiences together.

Dates and location to be announced soon.

Value: $2500


Besides the abundance of benefits inside your core program, we also have included some bonuses you will find invaluable, including:

  • Private clients-only Facebook group

  • 4 C’s Marketing System ($497 value)

  • 4 C’s service alignment tool ($297 value)

  • Marketing Audit template ($297 value)

  • Fee-Setting Calculator ($97 value)

  • Downloadable copies of Marcia’s books, The High-Ticket Group Coaching Method and The Coaches’ AI Marketing Guide ($197 value)

Value: $3885

Join Your Ambitious, Seasoned Coaching Peers!

Join A Community Of Entrepreneurs Committed To Building Profitable, Fast-Growth Businesses That Give Them More Time-Freedom, More Income, And More Impact!

Grow With Confidence

The High-Leverage Coach System is built from proven best practices, metrics, and marketing models used to build three multi-six figure businesses selling to the small business community.

Implement Faster

Get access to live training calls with Marcia Bench each week - and a community of your peers - to help you rapidly implement the High-Leverage Coach System.

Get The Support You Need

Join a community of your peers for support and get access to regular feedback from Marcia Bench and other experts.

The High-Leverage Coach Program...

  • Gives you flexibility to coach in groups - often at high-ticket pricing, mastermind style - instead of one-on-one, thus freeing your time to focus on what you love (besides your business)!

  • Helps you tap into the latest technology (2-way SMS messaging in a centralized in-box), coupled with Artificial Intelligence, to reach today's buyers the way they like to be contacted

  • Shows you how to stand out from the competition...you'll learn how to use The High-Leverage Coach systems to stand out in the marketplace with a differentiated offer of your own - so you won't be just another coach selling the same services as everyone else.

  • Saves you money as you replace disconnected, disjointed systems - and the hassle of trying to connect various tech platforms - so you have a seamless marketing system that allows you to serve more people effortlessly

  • Is built on proven principles, not short-term tactics ...the program focuses on strategic principles that are effective over time, rather than short-lived trends and tactics that quickly lose their effectiveness.

  • Frees you from "content creation freeze" by providing prewritten templates, AI-powered software, and predesigned automations that you can use and reuse over and over again

  • Is based on repeatable and automated processes, not trading your time and talent for money...so you can get off of the typical Coaching Business treadmill of trading your time for money.

  • Includes long-term support...with High-Leverage Coach, you'll have access to a support team that's been working with coaches for over 20 years and is committed to your long-term growth, unlike some affiliate marketers who offer little follow-through.

  • Ensures that no leads drop "between the cracks" - but that you reactivate your current leads and use the systems we have created to follow up immediately with prospects seeking you out. It increases your sales!

  • Also draws on the ancient principles of manifestation - made modern! - so your mindset, beliefs and identity line up with what you desire. Result? You accelerate the achievement of your goals!

  • PROVEN! Save time, money, and mistakes! Marcia Bench has built multiple successful, multi-six figure services businesses selling to small businesses and understands the unique challenges you'll face - so don't waste your time experimenting on your own or learning from the wrong source who hasn't 'been there, done that'.

“With your help Marcia, in just one week I enrolled 4 clients for my bariatric weight loss services totaling
$14,200 after weeks of struggling!"

--Natasha - weight loss coach

“Marcia, thanks to you, I have
quadrupled my income
from $2k per month to $8k - with several more contracts about to close. I’m overjoyed!”

--Pamela - executtive coach

"I no longer do 20-30 intuitive readings/week thanks to your model - usually it's fewer than six now....and my Facebook group is up to nearly 1000."

--Jacquelyne, intuitive

The Details

Here are all of the amazing deliverables you receive when you invest to work with us in the High-Leverage Coach™ Program:

  • 12 months' access to High Leverage Coach training ($12,000 value)

  • 12 months of Weekly Office Hours Calls ($12,000)

  • Live 2-Day Retreat Spring 2024 ($2,500)

  • 12 months' access to Your Marketing Dashboard software system ($36,000 value)

  • 3 coach-specific service blueprints and premade automations, emails and landing pages ($10,000 value)

  • M-F copy critique & feedback ($4,000)

  • 24/7 Tech Support & Tutorials from our 70-person support team ($2,500)


  • 4 C’s Marketing System ($497 value)

  • 4 C’s service alignment tool ($297 value)

  • Marketing Audit template ($297 value)

  • Fee-Setting Calculator ($97 value)

  • Downloadable copies of Marcia’s books, The High-Ticket Group Coaching Method and The Coaches’ AI Marketing Guide ($197 value)

  • Discounts and VIP early access to other live events & programs we offer

TOTAL VALUE: $80,400 -

You pay just 1/4 of that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is for coaches, online marketers, and thought leaders that are committed to impacting as many people as possible, and want a proven turnkey model to sell and deliver their coaching services. It is for women entrepreneurs that see themselves as the CEO of their own enterprise, are ready for a quantum leap, and are willing to follow the guidelines and use the systems that we have created to get those results.

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for coaches that do not have an established business, nor is it for coaches who are content with a small number of one on one clients, and do not want to elevate into a scalable group coaching model. It is also not for coaches and online marketers that are happy with their current approach , or are not open to change. And finally, this is also not for anyone that is looking for a quick fix, or get rich quick scheme, and confuses the word turnkey with meaning that you can copy and paste your way to success.

What will I get out of the program?

You will get whatever you desire and commit to creating. We are strong believers in manifestation, but not the kind of manifestation where you sit and meditate, waiting for the answers to come. It is about setting a vision for your next level of success, and taking the steps with our guidance to get there.

When does the program begin?

The program begins when you enroll. We will point you to the best place in our trainings to focus on first, depending on where you are in your business growth. New members are accepted periodically, pricing is not guaranteed to stay the same and certain incentives that are only offered for a limited time will not be available after that time.

How much time will I have to invest to complete the program?

There really is no completion, per se. This is not like a course where you watch all the modules and get a certificate at the end. Just as every entrepreneur needs to continue learning and growing, the growth you experience inside of High-Leverage Coach will take you as far as you want to go. In terms of weekly time commitment, you have two live calls with us of approximately an hour each and I would plan on a minimum a additional hours for implementation. At least 75% of your time should be spent in marketing and sales.

Do I have to use your software in order to benefit from the program?

It is highly recommended since we have built custom templates inside of the system that will save you a great deal of time in getting the results that you want. However, if you have systems that you are happy with, and you do not want to make the transition, we can help you with the strategy but cannot support you in how to use those systems.

What if I’m not sure I can afford the program?

Contrary to common belief, money to pay for personal and business growth often does not come until you have made the decision to work with us. By stating that desire to the Universe, the funds and resources you need, then have a reason to come. So the first step is to decide that this program is for you, and if you need more information, book a call with us.

Next, decide whether you choose to pay in full or take advantage of our installment payment plan. All you need right now is the initial installment, and since the program is designed to create revenue for you, expect that the means to pay for the remaining installments will happen as you follow our guidance. If you need additional financing options, please book a call with us as we have nearly a dozen strategies including third-party financing that we can offer to you if you qualify.

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