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Digital Marketing for Experts specializes in AI-powered lead generation and sales automation for leading 7 and 8 figure businesses.

We not only help you optimize your current sales process - but also use our highly sophisticated internal lead generation tools to identify ideal leads for you, indoctrinate and qualify them, and get them booked on your calendar.

That allows you to focus on what you do best: sell and provide your service!

AI and automation are moving FAST - and if you aren't using these powerful tools yet, you're already behind...

But not to worry - we can help you identify exactly what you need to do NOW to immediately increase your sales - and that is often with your existing leads!

We assign a project manager and the relevant team among our international team of experts to manage your project - so you are fully informed at all times. We invite you to book a Strategy Call with us to see how we can enhance your current sales process - with both existing and new leads - today!

About Marcia Bench, Our CEO

Marcia Bench is an Online Marketing Strategist, trainer, author, coach, publisher and speaker with decades of business experience.

She is committed to helping business prosper in any economic climate by optimizing their sales systems utilizing AI and automation.

She is CEO of Digital Marketing for Experts, also known as Digital Marketing of Oregon, which is her fourth company.

In 2001, Marcia founded the first career coaching school in the world and grew it to span 50 countries, selling it in 2020. Her 29 books including The Coaches' AI Marketing Handbook, The High-Ticket Group Coaching Method, Success by the Numbers, Conscious Client Attraction, and Tao of Entrepreneurship among others.

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