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We help coaches, business owners & entrepreneurs generate free leads and easily close them

If you feel like there's never enough time, or struggle to stay on top of the systems in your business, we're here for you!

Our Founder, Marcia Bench, created Digital Marketing for Experts to help coaches, online marketers, and other entrepreneurs take back their life through automation, AI and proven marketing systems.

About Marcia Bench

Marcia Bench is an Online Marketing Strategist, trainer, author, coach and speaker with decades of business experience.

She is committed to helping women build a thriving business around their life purpose and create a life of abundance and freedom.

She is CEO of Digital Marketing for Experts, also known as Digital Marketing of Oregon, which is her fourth company.

In 2001, Marcia founded the first career coaching school in the world and grew it to span 50 countries, selling it in 2020. Her 29 books including The Coaches' AI Marketing Handbook (2023), The High-Ticket Group Coaching Method (international best seller April 2022), Conscious Client Attraction, Tao of Entrepreneurship among others.

Finally, she is an open-minded spiritual thinker and lifelong learner - and "personal growth junkie"! Marcia loves finding shortcuts to success and sharing them with others.

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