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How Can We Help You Reach Your Goals?

At Digital Marketing for Experts, we do digital marketing for coaches and experts like you - so you don't have to! We are committed to helping coaches and thought leaders create and grow a high-impact brand, built around your life purpose, that generously compensates you, helps your people around the world, and gives you time- and money-freedom.

We do this through strategic coaching to become a High Leverage Coach™, automating your marketing sequences (so you can shampoo, rinse & repeat), and leveraging our proprietary AI-powered software to generate, nurture and close leads for you.

Our 12 Primary Areas of Digital Marketing Expertise

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Whenever we ask, we find that every coach and expert would love more leads...but they don't necessarily want to run ads. We can generate and nurture your ideal leads for you - per your specifications - and fill up your calendar in no time!

Lead Magnet Design

A special report or white paper is an excellent way not only for potential clients to get to know you - but for you to add people to your email list. We can help you design both the concept and a beautiful document that you'll be proud to share.

Webinar or Masterclass Automations

Tired of writing all of your email copy, scheduling them and trying to prepare text and social messages too for your masterclasses? Let us do the work for you - and you'll have ONE sequence that will work for all of your future similar masterclasses.

Website Design

If you haven't redesigned or updated your web site in the past year, you're behind! With the emergence of Chatbots, AI and more discerning buyers, you need a current site. We can design and develop your site that is not only current but beautifully expresses your brand too.

Chatbot Installation & Training

Today's buyers expect immediate responses. And if you don't already serve them with a Chatbot that's programmed with AI to answer common questions, you're behind. We can install and program your chatbot on an existing or new website for you - and watch your qualified leads book with you!

Live Launch Landing Pages

To run a challenge or Live Launch to market your coaching services, you need a registration page that conveys the value without overwhelming the prospective attendee with all the details. We can strike that perfect balance - and create a dashboard for your workbook and replays - as well as your offer - that minimizes confusion for your attendees.

Live Launch Automations

If you host challenges or Live Launches to market your coaching services, you know that the emails, social posts and SMS reminders take a TON of work to do! We can not only prepare the copy but set it up to go out at just the right time, every time.

CRM Setup & Customization

Trying to piece your lists of prospects together with sticky notes and spreadsheets won't work when you want to scale! We can set up your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and be sure it includes all the key phases your leads need to navigate to become buyers.

Webinar or Masterclass Landing Pages

Got a webinar or similar conversion event coming up? We can help you not only craft the content so it converts, but also create the registration page, thank you page and other customized aspects to fit your brand.

Social Media Marketing

You know you need to market on social - but what should you post? How do you invite people into your programs without sounding too salesy? Let us ensure that your social media marketing is not only consistent, but gets interaction, likes and shares too with a solid social media marketing campaign. Includes newsletters, social scheduling and marketing calendar with topics.

Content Creation & Copywriting - including Sales Pages

Don't have a professional copywriter on your team? No worries! Our team of writers can create blog posts, articles, email marketing campaigns, sales pages, website copy, lead magnet copy and more.

Google Reviews & Reputation Management

Did you know that 80% of buyers look at your Google Reviews before committing to a sales call? Yes, it's true with coaches and experts too! But far too few actually generate any reviews outside of LinkedIn. Our systems can help you generate reviews from not only past clients but every new client too - and manage and optimize your overall online reputation.

PLUS: if you want to master the strategy behind creating an in-demand offer, marketing it with the right messaging to reach your higher-level clients, and automating the repeatable parts so you can scale to 6- and 7-figures and beyond, join us for our strategic coaching program:

In all of our solutions, we use our proprietary software called Your Marketing Dashboard™ to power the automations, streamline your communication and booking, and much more.

About Our CEO

Marcia Bench has more than 3 decades of experience as a speaker, author, coach, consultant, marketing strategist and trainer.

A former lawyer and senior vice president, she is committed to helping women build a thriving business around their life purpose and create a life of abundance and freedom.

In 2001, Marcia founded the first career coaching school in the world and grew it to span 50 countries, selling it in 2020. She then started Digital Marketing for Experts next. and it is her fourth company.

Her 29 books including The Coaches' AI Marketing Handbook, The High-Ticket Group Coaching Method (international best seller), Conscious Client Attraction, and Tao of Entrepreneurship among others.

Success Stories

Natasha Marano

“With your help Marcia, in just one week I enrolled 4 clients for my bariatric weight loss services totaling $14,200 after weeks of struggling!"

Jacquelyne Ellis

"I no longer do 20-30 intuitive readings/week thanks to your model - usually it's fewer than six now....and my Facebook group is up to nearly 1000."

Pamela Cournoyer

“Marcia, thanks to you, I have quadrupled my income from $2k per month to $8k - with several more contracts about to close. I’m overjoyed!”

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